What do we do?

We built professional quality tools mostly aimed at the gaming community as they are the more vocal users of the internet and arguably the most hardest to please but we love a challenge!

How much will this cost me?

Absolutely nothing we do not charge a penny for our software and rely on the donations you wish to provide to keep doing what we do!

How can I contribute?

There are many ways to contribute the easiest being to just give your feedback and suggestions which can be done by emailing us at support@immortaltools.com

Excellent support

Even though we do note charge anything we still believe in providing excellent support for our products

Constantly updated

We are constantly improving our tools to make sure we provide the best tool on the market 

Flawless optimization

We believe everything should be streamlined which is why every program we release is extensively tested before public releases

We listen!

We listen to our users and our community members and make changes according to what they feel they want to see in the next update.