Get an edge on the game

This application is based on the Battlelog for EA games with a simple design in mind, keep it simple and allow the user to view exactly what they want

We feel we've done it here

Still not convinced? Take a look at some pictures of BattleBrowser

Download now,  it'll only take a few seconds. Some of our features are listed below 

Simple design

A simple design that allows for anyone to jump right in and understand the program.  All controls are similar to your regular browser so no learning should be necessary!

Get an edge on the game

This all in one client for the Battlelog platform features several nifty features such as low resource usage compared to your standard browser, fullscreen mode, configurable options such as close while game is running or exit on launch of game.

Frequent updates

All of our programs feature regular updates based on suggestions users provide. We really appreciate all the help our community gives us so that's why this is absolutely FREE.