Clean, Simple & Helpful

We designed this application to be lightweight and very effective, currently it supports on Dogecoin as it's cryptocurrency selector.

It will change colours in the task bar based on if the price has gone up or down since the last update of information.

It has several font sizes to choose from making it easy to read and easy to use.

Download now,  it'll only take a few seconds. Some of our features are listed below 

Simple design

A simple design that allows for anyone to jump right in and understand the program. All the information is easy to understand and and is colour coded to help you know what you're looking at!

Correct pricing

This lightweight application continually pulls data from several exchanges to get you the most current and up to date price. With streamlined price fetching comes other great additions such as transparency options, click through option allowing it to almost act like it's apart of your background. With these features you'll always be in the know!

Frequent updates

All of our programs feature regular updates based on suggestions users provide. We really appreciate all the help our community gives us so that's why this is absolutely FREE.