Reddit Messenger (open beta)

Desktop Reddit notifications and PM

Reddit Messenger is a desktop program for Windows that will check for and notify you of new messages on Reddit.

When you got a new message you will see a nice notification in the bottom right corner with the details. You have the options to ignore or reply directly from the desktop, no need to visit reddit in your browser. It works on all kinds of notications; messages (pm), comment replies, post replies, username mentions

Download now, it'll only take a few seconds.

Source Code is available on GitHub

Simple design

A simple design that allows for anyone to jump right in and understand the program. All the information is easy to understand and and is colour coded to help you know what you're looking at!

Desktop Notifications

This lightweight application continually checks for notifications on Reddit. When one is detected, it is displayed to you in a nice notification in the bottom right corner of your desktop. You will also get a sound notification. With these features you'll always be in the know!

Notifications details

See all the notifications details on your desktop. You will see who sent the message, where/how, and when it was sent. The whole message can be read. The notification window even automatically adjusts its size to the message, up to a maximum size.

Desktop Messaging

Reply to messages directly from the desktop notification. No need to visit reddit to reply to a message! If you do not want to reply simply click ignore. You can also compose new private messages.

Frequent updates

All of our programs feature regular updates based on suggestions users provide. We really appreciate all the help our community gives us so that's why this is absolutely FREE.

Open Source

This program is open source and available on Github. Users can make issues on bugs and feature requests. To contribute directly with the code you can make a pull request.